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The facts surrounding my fight against corruption and harassment I have stood-up against, and spoken up for the average man against NSW Police corruption.
  Since the Trial

The war continues
There have been many developments.
Much has been achieved and much more is still to be done.

Through this website I was able to get credit to refinance my debts, a crucial step in building a platform of attack. The police know that too and without pause continue to abuse their power to stop me working and find new ways to punish me financially. Nothing is beyond them. I often wonder if they will snap, and send an assassin. Someone who has been arrested for a serious offence, someone who would be willing to do anything to not go to jail for a long time, someone whom the police meet during the course of their activities, that being the nature of their work. They could also attempt to set me up again, maybe plant evidence and then arrest me for it. I am as ready as I can be. If the worst was to happen, then my martyrdom would surely achieve my goals. The reluctant officials would have to act. The Australian people would demand it. The website also told people the truth, people that had only read the papers, or listened to the police, finally had the facts. My support base is massive, and growing constantly.

The website showed the lawyers that I truly had a case, and made submissions to the victims of violent crimes tribunal for counselling and compensation. victim of crime-acknowledgement of assault.This most worthy of bodies had the integrity to review the evidence presented on this site and overturn the original denial of claim due to the police telling them that Bullock was the victim and that I was convicted. The year of counselling that I have received has helped a lot, but my insomnia is endless. However, even if I gain financial compensation from the VCT, not only would it be a drop in the ocean of financial ruin, but it will not lead to the destruction of corruption I have uncovered.

The website has allowed another reputable firm of lawyers to assure me that a malicious arrest lawsuit is the best way to take down my enemies, and are preparing to lodge a claim. (2010). They can't believe that these officers are not in jail,  let alone still working, setting more people up. The website has also found me an experienced publicist who can give the media professional press releases during 3 more court cases this year. (2009) The first is an outrageously blatant example of victimisation and harassment.  A fine was sent to me through the mail on a traffic infringement notice of all things for $5,500. Huge fine. The alleged offence was 17 months prior to the issue date. For the police to search back that long ago on the police computer system for the purpose of a private vendetta is completely illegal. The actual charge is called "unauthorised access to the nsw police computer system". Another law broken, another nail in their coffin. The charge is a fabrication.  It stems from a 6 month stint working as a bottle-shop guard (3rd job needed to keep up the fight) where I was employed to also keep the noise down outside a hotel. There was no bouncing involved. Because of the jury's verdict, even with my section 10 non conviction, I have certain restrictions on my licence. The security industry registry don't want me to bounce any more and I don't want to bounce any more, I am getting too old for this game; it worries me none as there is other security work on offer now that I have run the pope gig. When the pope came out, I ran security for the Randwick event. Papal reference + VAP and hours for month + front of secret service level clearence + reverse of secret service level clearence (500,000 people) I now have a resume that can never be matched in this country. I liaised with senior police, the army and the vatican guard. I forged a relationship with a senior police commander of  integrity and honour and I gave him the website address. Within a week DY police were counter attacking, raiding the office of the company that employed me to work at  the Manly Sea Eagle home games, looking for any reference to me. They blatantly threatened to breach them if they dared employ me again, even though I had written approval to work there from the security industry registry. Authority to work.

The second court battle will be me objecting to a $7,000 restitution payment to (would you believe it), Shane Bullock, the commando leader/football captain that led the attack on myself, my comrades and my barman. Bullocks claim against me The police have gone and dug themselves even deeper by not telling the victims of violent crime tribunal that I had a non conviction. Outrageous. I was given an unconditional discharge. A section 10 non conviction Not only that, but the judge went to some considerable trouble to spell out that I did not cause the injuries that I was charged with, which were the injuries that Bullock was claiming for, which the Attorney Generals Department have also conceded just this year (2009). Didn't the police think I would notice? If it wasn't so serious it would be laughable. All this is going to do is bring more attention to my website and my cause. It gives my publicist new subject matter to work with. It makes the issue constantly current. It gives my war more boosts. My enemies use strange tactics. Since my arrest, they have not won a battle yet. With all their power and all their resources they are being defeated by the truth. The truth delivered in a way that only a man pushed too far could come up with, a man offended so deeply that all the wrongs committed against him inspired him to a cause that his whole life had prepared him for. No matter how scared off or blase' the media have been so far, surely they can't ignore the nsw police force being spanked soundly in the supreme court when the litany of facts are explored. Once it is out in the mainstream, then the authorities have to act. How could the police commissioner and the police minister stand idly by when confidence is totally lost in the system of self regulation, which is the scary reality. Once that house of cards fall, then the need to change the system of mates investigating mates will be the obvious solution. Only officers with no affiliations with the station from which the valid alleged corruption originated can investigate. They need to get fair dinkum. Transparency. Time restrictions on internal investigations. No whitewashing, no delays. Get on with it, sort it out, and bring integrity back to the system. It's basic human nature. When there is more risk of being caught, there is less chance of corruption. They can be honest by character or they can be honest by fear of being caught. Same same. Result is then true justice. Surely a fight worth fighting for. I know so. There is only one logical outcome to this war. I think the police know that by now. End game. That is why they are clutching at straws, taking more risks, drawing attention to themselves, trying as hard as they can to drain my funds, stop my earning power and keep me tied up with ridiculous court appearences. My destiny is clear, the course to my goal cemented, their days are numbered... TIMELINE OF CORRUPTION  The preceding timeline is a brief, 1 page (but continually growing) bullet point layout of DY's corrupt behaviour spanning 4 years that my publicist asked me to prepare. He also wrote me up a letter to the telegraph asking that the still incorrect articles on the web supplied by the telegraph be altered. Of course no response. They don't like being proven wrong any more than the police or the various watchdogs do - letter to the telegraph. Of course no reply. I will turn my full attention to them in due course.

In the third court case scheduled for this year (or early next year), I will  be represented by highly specialised lawyers suing the state police force and the powerful DPP. For this I have hired the company that led the class action against HIH and one-tel. These guys have no fear, and will not be overawed. The police and the DPP have both acted maliciously from the start. Apart from the hundreds of actions that were illegal in their actions against me, the overcharging was the most serious, and both bodies will be held to account. The DPP will possibly supply the most eloquent  Nicholas Cowdery QC to defend the indefensible. He and the police will be destroyed by the truth. No matter how big the names, how powerful the body, they can't defeat the truth-and the truth will be forced down their throat, but ever so politely of course.




It now appears that due to my protest contained in the "notice to objection of the order of restitution"; Acknowlegement of protest that there is a possibility that I won't have to go in front of a magistrate to prove that Bullocks claim to be a victim and that I was to blame for his injuries is perjury. It was accepted by the jury and judge that the fractures to Bullocks face were caused by Bullocks face smashing the huge vase when he tackled my barman down the stairs.  These are the injuries Bullock has claimed for. The police are more than complicit by them clearly not giving the tribunal all the information; which is their "standard MO". They cherry pick evidence the same way that they cherry pick witnesses.

I recently looked up the Attorney Generals Department on the internet. It seems that they are some sort of omnipotent ombudsman. They hold jurisdiction over virtually everything legal. They can instigate legal proceedings, as well as stop them. I am very hopefull that they will devote the time and resources needed to fully investigate this website. I have identified serious flaws in our justice system and, as a moral citizen, need to see them addressed. I have had the dubious priviledge of seeing the process from "the other side" and have the solutions for preventing the manipulation of inititial investigations, charging and any subsequent internal investigations. I fully understand that funding is always an issue, but my solutions do not cost more money; they just tighten up a very loose area of law enforcement in this state.

My faith in this organisation appears to be well placed. I have just received a Restitution termination letter in the mail. The AGD were gracious enough to actually check the facts and admit they were wrong. A far cry from the rest of the watchdogs I have had the misfortune to encounter so far in this debacle. Good, One less court case this year. This can't be a bad thing. Not when you have been through a trial, I can definately advise that court rooms are not a lot of fun when you are the accused. After 20 or so appearences in various courts in the year leading up to trial, and then another 20 days in a row during trial, 2 and a half of those on the stand, with your life in other peoples hands.......

News release 1
: Bouncer Summoned on Security Charge
The preceding news release is the first of many to come. It is bland and emotionally detached. My publicist says that journalists like to "discover" stories, so he is attempting to attract them laterally.

For each new development, such as court dates and findings, a matching release will make its way to every news desk in the state. Not cheap, but necessary when attempting to take down a dictatorship. Each release also stays on the internet for all time, as this website will.

Moral victory and notice of determination

The preceding attachment is the VCT explaining that they "are prepared to find an act of violence" against me was "established", that Bullock was the aggressor, and most telling of all that they "accept that no injuries sustained by Bullock were caused by me". Outstanding. These words are far more precious than any money.

The problem is that they paid Bullock $7,000 for attacking me! How can they justify the attacker receiving money for injuries he sustained through his own actions; tackling the barman down the stairs and smashing the potplant with his face; and not paying me, the law abiding security officer doing his duty, who sustained serious injury?!

Their honesty is refreshing; however, they have put themselves in a very awkward place. Of course I will appeal. I have won on appeal twice with the VCT. Once to over ride their initial descision that I was not a victim, and secondly when they demanded $7,000 restitution only to reverse it when this website was brought to their attention. I understand that they are a huge organisation with many different arms even just in the VCT itself, let alone throughout the Attorney Generals Departments wider responsibilities in this states justice system.

I have just been made aware that my appeal to the VCT tribunal is to be held early 2010

It was; and here is the result. VCT appeal. Conflicting to say the least

News release 2
: Police Reform Advocate Summoned into Court

The preceding release was released by my publicist to every news desk editor in the state including all press, TV, radio and internet avenues one week out from court day. (the $5,500 fine issue) I sent a copy to the usual gang including internal affairs, ICAC, the police minister, the  PIC, the Inspector of the PIC, the Ombudsman, The Attorney General, the Department of Premier and Cabinet and the joint parliamentary sitting on the PIC and the Ombudsman.

First Press Story : Southern Courier Prints News Release

The first time a paper has printed a reference to my website. A huge leap for the cause. Bloggers all over the net are discussing the site. Fringe groups like the cannabis community, copwatch and aussielegal to name a couple that are linking their sites to mine.

I am happy to accept allies from all quarters to fight such powerful enemies.

News Release 3 : Case Dismissed against Police-Reform Advocate

Court day. They tried everything, they lied, they cheated, they sprung an "ambush" witness, they conspired; the whole works, what I expected yet more-but they lost. There were all types of police present, including an inspector. They did seem quite annoyed that once again, the truth prevailed; and all their resources, all their manpower-it all counted for nothing when you fight with truth on your side. My lawyer. Joseph Johnson tore them apart. He will be with me till the very end, when we take on the big boys the NSW police and the powerful DPP in my malicious arrest case. This is the day I had my Victory at Waverly

After my against the odds win, I launched the beginning of a most audacious part of my strategy; a glossy double sided coloured flyer drop that will cover every home on the northern beaches (80,000 homes). This does not come cheap ($24,000 from my war-chest). These Flyers are not the cheap and nasty variety, but the best that can be printed.

They will not be easily missed in the letter box. They jump right out of the page at you. If I can't get the mainstream media to run with the story (with the notable exception of the southern courier and of course channel Ten news), then I will simply delete the media from the equation and bypass them all together. Once I have completed the northern beaches, I will then saturate the rest of Sydney. I have plenty of further drastic website exposure strategies left but lets wait and see what happens in the months of October/November 2009. Could warm up considerably in this part of Sydney.

Media Release 4 : Police-Reform Activist Battles to Prove Claim

The latest release is an attempt by my publicist to abbreviate a very long complex saga spanning 3 and a half years for the media to digest. Not an easy task as I have discovered. But I will keep hammering away, for as long as it takes.

Channel 10, First at Five : Interview with John Hill from Channel 10
I had a surprise interview with channel 10 news today. Both involved were total gentlemen. The camera man Glen Mullane (who found out about the story from the letter drop), and senior crime reporter John Hill  gave me a fair hearing, and an unbiased representation of the issues. I am extremely pleased. Channel 10 really are there for the community, and not scared of treading on toes. My hat goes off to this honourable team in front of and behind the scenes who made it all possible.

It is everything I could have hoped for. Channel 10 rock. They are the first media with the balls to run with this story (apart from the Southern Courier, a suburban paper.) Channel 10 News is state wide and commands a wide audience.

On the program the commissioner stated that he was "not aware" of the issue. Perhaps in a couple of weeks channel 10 could ask him again for his thoughts on this website after his minders "allow" him to see the damming evidence. His assurance to the public that any corruption will be "taken seriously" will be severely tested on the spot. Interesting times these.

Letter to the Commissioner

Dear Mr Commissioner,
On Tuesday the 20th of October, you were asked a question by Mr John Hill, the senior crime reporter for Channel Ten

It was in relation to my website : http://www.nswpolicestate.com

The Channel Ten story was on the 80,000 home flyer distribution I was engaging in publicising my battle with corruption.

In that interview you stated that you take corruption very seriously, but that you were “not aware” of the document.

Now that you are aware of the document, and that sufficient time has elapsed for you to view that document, please advise of  your intentions relating to the proven corruption I have uncovered?

I have enclosed the media clip for your perusal


Sincerely yours,
Dirk Nierop

Since I sent this letter to the commissioner the commander of the "office of the commissioner" and the "professional standards manager" have both contacted me and advised that they can't investigate any issues that have already been investigated but will investigate any un-investigated complaints? I am a little confused why they can't as they are indictable complaints which means, like murder, they can be left open or reinvestigated infinitum. They are never closed. However, as there is a sizeable list of malicious harassment issues since trial that have not had specific complaints, there is plenty to keep them busy. I have not included the emails from these organisations as I always give everybody ample time to do what they say before exposing and or embarassing. Stay tuned. 

3 months later and it is time to name and shame. Can you believe it. The commissioner of police has allowed DY police to yet again investigate themselves with a completely predictable outcome. Again they have lied, but this time even more blatant. Superintendent Cruickshank of DY has come up with a letter bordering on the bizarre. She says I was convicted=wrong. She said I had 6 months to appeal=wrong. She said my employer was interviewed=wrong. She said that my employer had no problems with the police's actions=wrong. He had a phone call months ago where he backed up all that I said. Incredible. I was warned by many of the people who have been fighting the system for decades that the professional standards command were cover up and deny experts, but had to see it for myself.

 Commissioner and Cruickshank.

Commissioners emails

Letter to commissioner 2

10.03.10-I have just been made aware that the channel Ten news clip made the world news and will be forever embedded and accessible on the net

13.04.10-I have just received an email out of the blue from the proffessional standards unit. They are now rubber stamping the ridiculous mates investigating mates letter from Superintendant Cruickshank-

cover up and deny         

and my response

response to cover up and deny

 Woollongong against corruption is now an ally also. They realise the depths to which this state has sunk in regards to police investigating police and are demanding that the next government (liberal obviously) have a royal commission into the matter


 The Results

So far of my flyer handout (still only three quarters completed) coupled with the News coverage has seen 22,000 hits in less than 2 weeks.

The amount of people who have contacted me who have similar stories to mine boggle the imagination. These are real people who have had their own taste of "mates investigating mates" issues.

I am compiling a very large list of support emails from people who also have documented their brush with corruption. It has destroyed so many lives. So many bitter people out there. So many wanting to join the cause. So many wanting to have their say.

Well. the population have had their say. And did they ever say it. Hundreds upon hundreds of replies about police corruption in this state. I made up a letter to John Hill, senior crime reporter for channel Ten who had requested the "most promising" of the replies. The Sydney Morning Herald, the ABC's Stateline and The Sunday Telegraph also showed interest after I spoke to them in person, so 2 weeks after sending "the document" to John, I sent it to the other 3 organisations. It is entitled "I am now we"-the document is as follows. It shows that I am far from being an isolated incident. It shows that it does not matter how serious the complaint, or how overwhelming the proof of corruption. It will all be "processed into stagnation" by the mates investigating mates culture of NSW police. I have not included the "actual emails" or the "evidence" due to the amount collected. However, I have seen it all with my own eyes and it is as conclusive and as well documented as my case. Any media outlet wishing to view only have to contact me.

The Letter

Hi John,

I hope you are well rested after your exotic journeying. As promised I have trimmed down the hundreds to the few "most promising" as requested. They range from a 32 year veteran police commander who was "verballed" out of the force to the men who exposed pedophile MP Milton Orkopoulous. One man who fled the state in fear for his life has been fighting for 19 years. All the cases here have had to pass a strict rule of proof. I have all that they speak of, or have seen it for myself. All the victims below are long term. I have picked them over short termers because of the paper trail. You simply have to fight for years to get an understanding on how the mates invetigating mates system manages to allow these corrupt officials to get away with it. There is an intricate system in place to ensure the "perception" of real investigation, but the reality is that there was only ever to be one conclusion in all cases, no matter how much evidence is produced or how serious the allegation. This merry-go-round is designed to absorb virtually any accusation with any amount of proof and process it into stagnation. Nothing is resolved. People are worn out so as to give up. Only men who have taken a stand can see through the charade. Only men that refuse to buckle under the system qualify for a place in this document. Only long term cases can be compared to my resistance.

I have struggled with how to best present this information to you as a lot of the documented evidence is hard copy, and hard to communicate, especially "the diary" from the police commander, controversial tape recordings from several sources including the past commissioner, photographs and any amount of official documentation . I have been communicating with the "few" while you have been holidaying so as to present a co-ordinated response (their original emails have been submitted). I have access to all hard copy evidence needed to prove each of these disturbing cases.(either in my possession or seen by me and under lock and key with their owners but available at a moments notice) Obviously I could only insert a fraction of the evidence in this email, but it is all there. The examples I have selected cover the full demographic spectrum of society showing that all sections of the community are at risk of being at the mercy of a percentage of the police force that have decided that they are the ones to decide someone they don't like's fate irrespective of whether they are guilty or not, knowing all the while that they are not really accountable to anyone as they are protected to the very end by the mates investigating mates culture that exists in NSW.

John, this document is an entity, it lives and breathes, it is confronting, current and controversial. It is full of human drama, persistance and raw courage. The hard copy backup is extraordinary. The frustration in having the proof and being treated as fools is universal. The responses from the authorities are disturbingly similar throughout all the cases. There is a definate pattern that we have exposed. These men have been as meticulous as me. I intend using this document and its related hard copy in my fight against the system in the future to prove that I am not an isolated incident. You and your intial courage in airing my story has given me credibilty, and with that the ability to reach out and find others who have had their lives forever changed by the very people we entrust to keep everyone else honest. But who is keeping them honest? It is us, along with people like you. As with anything newsworthy I undertake in my, now our, war, to give you first dibs if you want it. As promised earlier, that includes my "clash of the titans" malicious arrest court case coming up with QC's going head to head. Only when you have used what you want from this document (if you use any thing at all) will I then move on to the next stage of my assault on the system using my publicist and releasing it to the media in general. I have also been in personal contact with Quentin Dempster from the ABC's Stateline and Yoni Bashan from the Sunday Telegraph who while you were away aired NSW police corruption stories. Geesche Jacobsen, crime reporter from the herald also contacted me afteer seeing Channel Ten news and asked to be kept abreast of events

Thanks in large part to you....

I am now we; united we stand



 Case 1=Trevor Otton-police commander-32 years in NSW police-"verballed" out of the force by mates investigating mates because he went against corrupt police who were setting up a member of the public-21 years of resistance. Now classed a vexatious writer

Case 2=Russ Grigg-Vietnam trainee (injured whilst training)-bashed senseless by police and then charged for resist arrest-15 years of resistance including websites and flyer handouts-covered up by mates investigating mates 

 Case 3=Robert Lee-businessman-forced to flee NSW-has proven over 19 years of resistance how conflicting legislation has allowed every investigation ever undertaken in this state to be manipulated by mates investigating mates

Case 4=Al Lukes-18 years in NSW police-sergeant in charge police rescue unit-forced to flee the Nothern Beaches and the force due to mates invesigating mates-unable to continually resist due to poor health

Case 5=Brett Taylor-had a private members bill outlining the corrupt behaviour of police only to have the police minister act corruptly by illegally supplying it to the corrupt police investigating-15 years of resistance

Case 6=Les Bessenyei- Les and Leon Heckonburg are the whistleblowers who put an end to Milton Orkopoulos' crime spree-they have been intimidated, assaulted, threatened and framed by mates investigating mates-12 years of resistance-Premier rees implicated

Case 7= Leon Heckenburg went to the aid of 2 police officers who were being bashed by 12 men in Hamilton. He suffered many injuries including a broken nose and chipped teeth. Leon was recommended for a bravery award by the commissioner but soon ran foul of mates investigating mates-15 years of resistance.

Case 8=Mick Griffiths-another former police officer-discharged out of the force by way of medical discharge-16 years of resistance against mates investigating mates for the "crime" of relaying allegations of corruption from the public to his superiors

Case 9=John McKenzie-fire fighter-had honest police prepare a complete "hand up brief" only to have it disappear from the police station same week as it disappeared from council-14 years of resistance against mates investigating mates


Guilty men do not fight this hard for this long.


 Case 1=Trevor Otton is one of the highest decorated and accomplished officers ever to serve in NSW.There is a record in “Hansard” where he is named “cop of the decade” by a member of parliament who apologised for the treatment Trevor had received at the hands of mates investigating mates. His list of achievements and accolades are endless. They include .......

17 policemanship medals
1 award for outstanding courage
Good conduct medal
Unit citation/intelligence/crime clear up/moral
5 judicial comments
11 magesterial comments
OIC At scene morgue tent Granville train disaster (medal pending)
General police medal

and on and on. Trevor worked in Manly, DY and Collaroy in the TRG, weapons training and no.21 special squad (plain clothes), the intelligence section of DY and was commander of the street offences team

Trevors "crime" was that he testified against corrupt police who were trying to set up a member of the public. He was told outside court that "he was gone". He has a diary that was seized by a magistrate and secretly given to him because the verbal was so blatant. He has not used this "weapon of destruction " up until now because the corrupt police would have hurt one of his friends connected to the case. That friend is now dying so Trevor now has nothing left to now lose. He has allowed me to use his name and expose the Diary as I feel fit. I have seen this Diary and it proves beyond any doubt that he was setup. The proof is conclusive. It implicates senior past and still serving local police including DY Superintendant Doreen Cruickshank of DY who presided over my setup. Trevor lost his pension, his super and they even refused to hand over his medals. The "crime" he committed that forced him out was because his wife owned a legal registered business (escort agency). The comments in the manufactured "Diary" (in a "he said" "I said" format) was enough for the conspiracy of corruption to be successful. This was a political slaughter that implicates police all the way to the top. Trevor was short listed to the final 7 for commissioner that eventually went to Englishman Ryan, however his calling was the street where he was most successful. I left Trevors house feeling physically ill. I apologised to him on behalf of Australia. Trevor has milk crates full of evidence of his set up and the subsequent cover ups spanning 21 years. But the Diary is the bombshell. It is irrefutable. See "evidence" (after "summary) for more information on how it was abused

Case 2=Russ Grigg has suffered the full gammit of abuse from police fabricating false "POI" internal reports to being beaten so badly that when the police were told by his frantic son that he had had a brain operation, they started jumping on his head before ramming it into a police vehicle. All cases against him have been dismissed but his complaints of foul play have received the same "treatment" as anyone else who complains about NSW police. Russ's resistance has spanned 15 years and he has tried as hard as he can to make the truth known using every method at his disposal including letter box drops and 2 websites. Russ, like the others, has been catching out corrupt officials with their "souped up" paperwork from all the usual gang of mates investigating mate. Russ lost his job, his licences, had his business closed down and is still being harassed to this very day. The list of injuries from his bashing are in "evidence" and are all supported by doctors records. The Professioal standards command, the same unit that Commissioner Scipione has assigned to "investigate" my latest complaints of harassment denied Russ was ever assaulted, even though in a previous case a magistrate referred to it. In another case, magistrate Dr Elwyyn E Elms ruled in Russ's favour and advised Russ to "take the matter further as it appears to be a vexatious litigation". However as Russ had been financially and physically destroyed, he had no way of proceeding.

Case 3=Robert Lee was in a business partnership when he discovered proof of his partner "milking" the company of profits. Little did he realise that the police to whom he took the proof to were mates with his partner. Not only did they not act on the evidence, they turned on Robert eventually forcing him to flee the state for Queensland. Robert was warned that "he had best leave now" and fearing for his life and/or a setup, packed his bags. The morning after his hurried exit, his former neighbour rang him to inform him that his former place of residence had been "visited" by 3 detectives and they were "not there for a cup of coffee".  Robert has researched endlessly and has narrowed legislation down to 2 conflicting acts; one saying that the Ombudsman has no power to investigate police, while the other one indicates they can. Robert points out that since 1983, no Ombudsman has been clear on what his role is, and subsequently, every police officer that has this information can go on his merry way without hinderance with even "repeat offenders" having no fear of being investigated. For the relevant conflicting acts see "evidence" (after summary) 2 independent NSW accredited criminal law specialists quantified Robert's losses due to misconduct of the police at $427,494.00, and that was in 1995. All the evidence is in my possession. Irrefutable

Case 4=Al Lukes spent his days helping others. He was in the volunteer fire brigade as well as sergeant in charge of police rescue in Fenches Forest. He is a founding member and current president of the Police Post Trauma Support Group mid north coast. He received numerous courage and devotion to duty awards, an Australian bravery Commendation and held the highest possible award in the NSW police service-the Commissioners award for valour. Al was forced to flee the northern beaches after a dispicable smear campaign orchastrated by enraged corrupt detectives who decided that he had to go for Al's "crime" of refusing to change his testimony in a setup the detectives were engaged in. Al has been contacted by several now retired officers that participated in his setup who were coerced into testifying against him. They feel so disgusted with the way things turned out, that they are now prepared to sign stat-decs outlining their place in the conspiracy now that their pensions are safe and they are out of harms way. This case is linked to case 9.

Case 5=Brett Taylor was beaten with batons by a large group of police who followed his party from another suburb after a minor confrontation with detectives who were refused cheap alcohol which they had demanded from a publican. He was then charged with resist arrest and found guilty. The publican gave testimony that the police overheard their destination, that Brett’s group was well behaved, and that the police acted aggressively. There were dozens of police waiting who dragged Brett’s group from their cars before the brutal beating. I have viewed the transcripts of the radio logs and other evidence of mates investigating mates. Pretty thorough and conclusive evidence of corruption.

Case 6=Les Bessenyei has chronicled how the NSW police mates investigating mates culture can entwine with Ministers of Parliament and their associated offices. He has steadfastly held his ground while being systematically victimised year after year. This case is linked to case 7. Both men reside in the same area and are very involved with the community. Les seems to be easy prey due to his age, lack of wealth and disibilities but continues to defy the odds and refuses to lie down and be quiet.

Case 7=Leon Heckenburg-this case is linked to case 6. Leon and Les are very active in their stance against corruption. After risking his life to help police officers just 3 months beforehand, Leon was again involved in a fracas at the hotel he worked at whilst undertaking his duties as glassy/security. This time he intervened he held back a well connected man who was renting a property of the detective that invetigated the brawl and as he wanted “compo”, they set about framing Leon even though the main witness described the offender as weraring a white shirt. Leon was in a red shirt. The case was recommended to be closed but the corrupt police went ahead with it anyway

Case 8=Michael Griffiths was forced out of NSW police because he carried allegations of corruption from the general public to his superiors as required by him by law. The mates investigating mates used a medical discharge as their preferred choice of disposing of Michael. Mick complains the minister (Moroney) as to being involved in discrediting, harassing, intimidating, carrying out acts of reprisal and retribution where a whistleblower is concerned

Case 9=John McKenzie is one of the most experienced firefighters in the state with 38 years fighting fires (2500+). The positions held were equipment officer, training officer, deputy captain, fire control officer, group officer and task force commander. He also has 14 confirmed rescues to his credit. John discovered fraudulent dealings in the construction of extensions to his fire station and prepared a "hand up brief" to NSW police that had been prepared by 5 police officers, 2 of whom were serving officers at the time with ranks ranging from senior constable to inspector. All the evidence required for charges to be laid were within. There is a 60 page internal police report supporting John's claims. (more info in "evidence") John's case shows how the NSW police mates investigating mates culture can involve other government departments such as the local council and the rural fire service. John was forced out of the fire brigade for no actually defined reason and is still fighting to this day. This case is linked to case 4.


As mentioned I have not included emails and evidence as there is enough documents to fill a large cupboard. I have read it all and they are as conclusive and as damming as my case. Any media that wish to view only have to ask.


Footnote-2012-after spending thousands of dollars pursuing the police in the courts, I have been advised that since the jury found me guilty of the smallest charge "assauly occasioning actual bodily harm", that this gives the police and the DPP the escape clause/excuse to lay whatever charge they wanted. It means that they were justified. The jury went against the judges advice, though he righted their wrong decision by giving me a non-conviction. The frustrating thing is that if we had chosen a Judge trial rather than a jury trial, then the judge would have thrown the case out after hearing the prosecutions case 2 weeks in to the trial; which would have been at the time he offered the jury a prassad, which means they could find me not guilty without hearing the rest of the evidence. The learned Judge only did that as he was convinced already that I was innocent. So that single choice cost me a million dollars compensation and the chance to bring to justice all concerned in this whole blatant conspriracy. But looking on the bright side I am not in a 10 foot cell rotting away for the rest of my life. I have now done all I can but will leave this website up forever as a lasting legacy to the police's unsucessful attempt to destroy an innocent man. I am since happily married with 3 stepchildren and one great stepchild. I am finally at peace. Thanks to everyone for their support over the years of this battle-cheers

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