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The facts surrounding my fight against corruption and harassment I have stood-up against, and spoken up for the average man against NSW Police corruption.

CCTV Footage
Proof that Dirk was not "dragging" or "being rough" with the Lead Commandos' Wife, as accused.
here to view the footage.

I turn up to work at the Surfrock Hotel in Collaroy (Northern Beaches-NSW-Australia) in the capacity as security supervisor, occupational first aider and OH&S advisor on the 8th April-2006 at 7.00pm, just like I had 4 nights a week, for well over a year, even though I had a full time job at ………  …., a fulltime government position where I held the position of Security Supervisor + Chair of the OH&S board + Occupational First Aider. I did not harbour any thoughts of seriously injuring anyone.

At 9.30pm, a very large group (minimum 20 athletic, intoxicated males, which all crown witnesses testified as to the number of) entered the nightclub. I immediately went to the door and asked why they had been let in. The answer was that “they were locals and there were too many to turn away”. The owner, Brian Adams, was more interested in milking them for profit, rather than the safety of his staff and other clubbers.

Shortly after, I had my first confrontation with “the group”. One of the upper level bar staff alerted me to an intoxicated woman who was crying hysterically, she had mascara running down her face and was inconsolable. She was in the presence of a man I now know to be Shane Bullock. (an anti terrorist commando and captain of the local A-Grade Narrabeen Sharks Rugby League football team, which has police links - (T-426+361+269-270+634) When I advised her that she had to leave, Shane and 2 friends formed a human wall and said she was fine and they would look after her. I called George, an islander bouncer, on the radio and he came over to assist. I advised the 3 men that I was serious and she had to leave now. They relented this time. During the next few hours, the security team identified, isolated and ejected at least 2 of "the group" for aggression and intoxication.

At 1.30am I was called on the radio by Les, the smallest guard of the 4 internals, who alerted me to a fight on the dance floor. I jumped off my milk crate, which I stood on so I could co-ordinate the internals, and made my way to the dance floor. When I got there, I witnessed a classic catfight between 2 females; they were clawing, scratching and hair pulling. When I pulled them apart I noticed one of the combatants was a blond female who was on her last warning, as I had escorted her off the premises 5 times previously. I asked her to wait near the bar and then questioned clubbers in the immediate vicinity to the fight as to who started it. They all pointed to the blond lady whom I now know to be Skye Bullock. When I looked around to see who they were pointing at, I noticed Skye was in another fight near the bar. I broke it up and advised Skye she was banned and to leave immediately. She complied and slowly made her way to the top of the stairs which lead to the exit.

At the top of the stairs I was confronted by Shane and several of his cronies and he said something like “get your fucking hands off my wife”. As I had barely even touched her at this point, (see CCTV) I was somewhat perplexed. I replied “that’s fine sir, if she is your wife, please take her home, she has just started 2 fights”. There was further argument so I then advised Shane and his mates that they could all go as they were intoxicated persons. At this stage I was able to gain the high ground at the top of the stairs while the group were several stairs down. I was at that time joined by Richard, an islander man mountain security officer (6’8”-140kg) at the top of the stairs. Shane then said that Skye would leave but the rest of the group  were “staying for more”. I told him that under the liquor licencing act of NSW, it was an offence to not leave when asked. He retorted “fuck you, we are coming in”, and he then charged up the stairs followed by 3 or 4 of his cronies. Richard grabbed him in a bear hug and wrestled him to the floor. Then all hell broke loose, men came from everywhere and began attacking Richard. George was now on the scene and began assisting me pulling off Richard’s attackers. However, for every attacker we pulled off, two more would take their place. We were now outnumbered 20-3 and in an extremely dangerous situation.

As the pulling off of attackers was not working, I grabbed the nearest 2 and started dragging them down the stairs, however, they grabbed the railing so I had to move away from the railing to try and rip them off. At that point Shane used his commando unarmed training techniques to chop through the larger Richard and came at me in a whirr of fists and elbows. I had never seen such a style of fighting before and I have been in over a thousand battles in my 28 year bouncing career. I managed to evade the first 4 or 5 blows but as I literally had my arms full, I could not evade them all. I rode the second last blow from his right elbow to my left jaw but that opened up my right jaw to his left elbow and it connected with incredible force. My whole body was flung back against the railing and I would have toppled over it had I not still been hanging on to the 2 combatants. As it was, my back arched over the railing and I was looking at the club upside down. I would have been killed if I had toppled over.

I “missed a few frames of the movie” so to speak, but the next thing I saw was Troy, the downstairs barman, being rugby tackled down the stairs by my attacker. I then saw the large potplant that was positioned on the mezzanine break when the 2 bodies struck it. I next saw Shane attacking Troy with the same elbows that he had struck me with, while Troy was trying to hold Shane close so the elbows would be less effective. Meanwhile I was being attacked by no less than 8 men. When I saw Troy being attacked, I knew I had to act or he would surely be killed. I made my way down the stairs, being punched in the right side and back of my head, however, I was in battle mode and the blows were of little concern. In the middle of this brawling, rolling scrum, as it passed the mezzanine level, there was a brief “window of opportunity” where I was able to unleash a volley of 3 to 4 blows in less than a second to Shane’s head as I was unable to wrestle him with all the men hitting me. I then defended myself against the 8 men for another 30 seconds or so before managing to eject them.

In a very short time there were at least 15 police on site, including an inspector, which had never happened before, and there were always these types of situations occurring. This had to ne due to the fact that one of the group was the son and the nephew of high ranking local police officers; On a normal night there were at least a dozen fights and I personally ejected an average of 40 men a night, with little police response.

I told several uniformed police, including the inspector exactly what happened. They were there for hours. They witnessed several more fights break out, and they witnessed me ejecting the combatants using my usual minimum force techniques.

I did not know at the time, but this is when the perversion of the course of justice began.

By Dirk Nierop

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